Organic Aloe, Aloe Vera, Barbadensis Miller

Aloe “the original” (Vera) is a plant of not only tropical origin. In our country, it is mostly found in Crete, but also in the southern and warmer regions of Greece, where it has been grown in the past years successfully.

This species has been well-known for its healing properties.

Aloe is a plant which grows to a height from about 60 to 100 cm. Its leaves are thick fleshy and green. The edge of its leaves is serrated and it has small white teeth.

After four years after planting, a yellow flower blooms, which is typical of the Aloe Vera species (Barbadensis Miller). This is the period that leaves can be cut off from the bottom upwards, revealing the presence of more than 200 substances that characterize the plant.

Aloe Vera, when cut in pieces, gives us two fluids which have different effects and properties. A green-yellow sap, which is irritant, is exuded mostly when the green surface of the leaf is cut off. It contains aloin, the substance concentration of which is similar to that of latex. Moreover, the transparent fluid exuded from the inner part of the leaf, whether it is cut in pieces or smashed, is palliative and it is believed to contribute to healing.

Our company offers Aloe Vera leaves, mostly grown through certified organic farming.

Alternatively, in collaboration with big nursery gardens, we can provide you with plant cuttings of Aloe Vera (small plants – organic – for business use).

We can also offer you big amounts of Aloe Vera leaves (grown through conventional farming methods).

The certified organic leaves of fresh Aloe Vera are ideal for the cosmetic industry and industry of pharmaceutical and qualitative parapharmaceutical products.

Along with our offer, we shall send you all appropriate certifications, and the related chemical check and results upon request.

Every check is acceptable.

The whole process of supervision (correct cutting-off, harvest, storage and packaging) is controlled by our agronomist.